Fashion Post: Tenaz Athletics

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Fashion Post: Tenaz AthleticsMy fashion post on Tenaz Athletics.

One of the perks of my new friends in The Fierce 50 Revolution is that I get to indulge my love of fashion. I know I am a writer and honestly I could write in my pjs. But I don’t –instead I get up and put on my clothes(though today is saturday so pjs it is!). I love fashion.

My mom is an incredible seamstress who used to make all her own cloths and things for Dad, Beau and me. She has a terrific sense of fashion and has always had the best advice for me.

I also love to work out–

once I get there–But I also am always looking for cute athletic wear that makes me feel confident even with the extra weight I have put on as a result of cancer, Chemo, menopause and a back issue last year. I like to cover my arms but I get hot.

Fashion Post: Tenaz Athletics
Tenaz top

This is wear Tenaz comes in. The owner of this line is one of the Fierce 50 and she offered me the chance to try one of her tops –of course in return for the post but I was about to buy one anyway! WooHoo! Win Win in my world.

I love this top.

I wore it to yoga and 6 women instantly asked me about it. I wore it to the gym and felt so confident and cool.

Fishnet always makes you look good. The arms are fishnet so I look awesome and feel confident wearing it. It covers and enhances my arms and hides my port scar. That was a gift from the days of chemo and I have to say I wish I could make it go away! I stayed cool so the top delivered on every aspect of its promise.

To find out more, see other styles or purchase the one I have :

Click here!

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    Great post. Love the top on you!

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