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Honestly it is crappy to go through chemo at any time of year but especially at the holidays when there are so many reasons to be in large groups of people and all you want to do is stay well and sleep. I have put together a group of things I was given or bought and still use, meaning they have life beyond the chemo room. These are not breast cancer specific. I would think soft and cozy for anything at this time of year and especially for a chemo patient. I am not getting any compensation from these companies…I just like the things I chose!

I was gifted several blanket. One was made by a friend and several others that were not but the one below is heavenly.
blankets : This one

Going through chemo, especially for a breast cancer patient who may have had nodes removed, makes house work not only tedious but also a bit risky. Where gloves in the kitchen and for yard work. These kitchen gloves make it a bit more fun.(okay so doing dishes is not fun but it is very necessary.

sheepskin gloves Since chemo my hands are always cold. If you are icing your fingers during treatment it is lovely to have a cozy pair to wear.

No Hair—Winter—do I need to say anything else? Oh Yes…”sheepskin hat “

touchscreen gloves These didn’t have a picture that could transfer but being able to use your smart phone without removing gloves is a lovely thing. Take a look at these and others on the site. Driving gloves are necessary even where I live–I already saw 30 degrees at my house in Southern California.

How to make a bald head feel better? honestly —hermes  gorgeous scarves and this is the size even if you don’t like the print. Now they are really pricey so below are some better priced ones that are also pretty.

mandala scarf you can absolutely tie this one on too–it will give you a longer more dramatic tail.

36″ Square This one is classic and a good size –look below for a video link to how to tie scarves–there are other ones for how to tie scarves for your head. I sometimes wore two –one on my head and one to keep me warm or to mask the construction zone of my chest.

scarf tying video  VIDEO

cute warm hat
I had a hat that was like this but not a knit version–this is cute and in a holiday color

beanie Completely in style these days so rock it!

best  face moisturizer With winter comes dry skin–with chemo and instant menopause comes dry skin. This one is all natural from New Mexico where they understand DRY! Love this company–they just started carrying it in my local organic market but you can order online. I used to buy it in bulk in Colorado and bring it home.

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