Weekend With The Fierce 50

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Weekend with The Fierce 50

I spent the weekend with The Fierce 50 Revolution.

It was like a high school reunion where everyone was completely supportive and enthusaiastic. I was never a member of a sorority but I did go to an all girls high school and our reunions are very much the same. All of us look to one another for advice and support and give as good as we get.

Writing is a solitary business.

Add coaching writers online to that and you get another fairly solitary business. Unlike most of the women I don’t have a photographer who takes pictures of my work since most of my work looks like this:

Fierce 50 Revolution me

Me at a computer, writing.

I went to get my hair done and headed down to the Redondo Beach Hotel where we were having:

The official launch party for Cat and Kaehler as well as celebrating the Fierce 50 Revolution.

We received adorable tote bags from Chicos filled with gifts from Madison Reed products, dermologica products, wristbands from @thereal_lylo, belts from http://mannadabholkar.com the party was fun and we took tons of pictures. Yes, even one of me dancing! Not included here however, for the sake of my kids…

Weekend with the Fierce 50
With some of the Fabulous Women Bloggers

Weekend With the Fierce 50 2

We were hosted for brunch the next day by French Kanye Jewelry who also gave us spectacular bracelets. I love her designs which are based on french charms she picks up at flea markets in France.

That evening we met at the Hermosa Beach Pier for some fun pictures and then went to dinner.







My added bonus was getting to drive back home with Kathy Kaehler. We live near each other so we chatted about kids and leaving home and empty nesting. We each have one kid still at home and we are not looking forward to that changing and still knowing it is inevitable that this part of our lives will continue to change.

Weekend with the Fierce 50
The woman in the center started it all, Catherine Grace O’Connell










Sunday Chicos hosted us at their store on Montana and I dropped in only briefly. I had my older daughter with me and we were spending the day together so after some hellos and good byes we had to be on our way.

I am looking forward to what is next with The Fierce 50 but even more so to my own writing and creating this next chapter in my life.


Weekend With the Fierce 50

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