A Trail of Memories: The Quotations of Louis L’Amour

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For decades, generations of readers have shared their favorite passages of favorite Louis L’Amour novels and short stories: parents with their children, neighbors with their friends, executives with their staff and clergy with their congregations. They pass around dog-eared copies of the books, underlined and yellowing, recalling words that echoes in their readers’ hearts and minds long after the last page was turned. Now, many of these selections have been collected in a remarkable volume representing some of the richest ore of the L’Amour lode: voices that heralded the settling of the frontier, of the man and women whose spirit and soul shaped our nation. In these words, Louis L’Amour describes the American experience, bringing our heritage to life, in ways no other author has.
No L’Amour reader has a more unique perspective on his work than Angelique, his only daughter. In an extraordinary feat for every Louis L’Amour fan, and in loving appreciation of her father, she has compiled A Trail of Memories: The Quotations of Louis L’Amour, drawn from her father’s best-loved works of fiction, including the Sackett novels, Last of the Breed, The Walking Drum and nearly two dozen others.

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  • It is a treasured keepsake of a wonderful friend and favorite American Writer. Thank you, Angelique, for sharing your work with us. President And Mrs. Reagan
  • It will delight them that she has captured so well by her selection the essence of the man as a gifted writer. Her introduction is of special interest as a testament to a most enviable family life with her father, mother and brother. In three pages it gives parents guidelines that merit the attention of professional counselors. A Trail of Memories holds a treasure for everyone on the trail of words to express what we feel and think and so seldom can or do say. Evelyn Oppenheimer, Dallas Times Herald
  • A Remarkable Volume. Queen City Mail Newspaper