Christmas in Colorado 2016

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Colorado Christmas
View From My Yoga Mat

Colorado in Christmas 2016– the case for slowing down. It seems as though the last 10 days have gone so fast. One minute I am taking care of my 9th grader who got a horrid cold thing right before finals. That was challenging! And then I turned around and got it myself! Our oldest came home from college and as quick as you could say finals are over we were in the car on our way to Colorado.

With both my youngest and I still coughing we drove for 14 hours to our family’s place in Colorado and it is gorgeous. Snowy but not terribly cold. We got two great ski days in and now it is Christmas Eve and we are about to head into town for some last minute shopping.

Here life slows a bit. The internet is dial up pre 2000 speed and we can’t check our social media without waiting a long long time. So we read and we talk and our youngest cooks a lot. I am constantly taking pictures of our wild places and wild skies.

Many plans are in the works for right after the new year so I know this is the calm before the storm. I am knitting and wrapping presents and drinking tea. Christmas in Colorado seems more Christmas to me. My dad feels closer when i walk out the door and breath the wild air. I love the crunch of snow under my feet and the feel of skis flying down a hill. Though this year I am a bit slower as I am still getting over that Thing that is going around.

I am loving this slowing down before the new year begins. It is so lovely to just listen to the sounds of my whole family in the house as I write. Every morning I am doing yoga with a gorgeous view out the glass doors.

Snowy Branches
A Wee Bit of Snow

Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas  and a Happy New Year.

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