How Do You Avoid Writing?

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My mantra for the new year…”Donate, Deliver, Dump.”

I need to clean out my house. I cannot write every minute of the day so my new plan for all my free time(LOL) is to clean out my house. Is this a way to avoid writing? Here is what I am doing on a weekly basis right now, a room at a time sometimes even a corner at a time.

Donate: everything that I can. Clothes, pots and pans, books, cds, etc

Deliver: anything I can sell through a resale store or give to a friend who needs it.

Dump: anything I can’t donate, resell or give.

Our oldest is now at college and the youngest is in High School. It is clear looking at these girls ages 15 and 20 that they are not going to fit any clothes of mine that I have been saving—-With the exception of a few winter coats, anything that doesn’t fit one of us is going out the door. Surprisingly both girls are shorter than me and both have much smaller feet so if I am not wearing it and they aren’t wearing it– out it goes.

I am no longer buying magazines. New Year’s Resolution!

I just went through my bathroom and any beauty product I am not using daily or weekly, that was living in my bathroom, went out the door. I did a massive makeup clean out last month and It felt so good. I can now find things and I know what I need for things beyond everyday.

I have a closet in the garage that is full of school/work supplies. Printer paper, binders, pens, printer ink, folders, manila envelopes, etc are all kept there but slowly over the past few years it has gotten a bit disorganized. I cannot wait to get there. May need to measure and purchase some drawers like these: Donate, Deliver, Dump

I Love The Container Store!

My idea of home heaven would be an unlimited gift card from there…hmmm. Okay not today!


Donate, Deliver, Dump
This is not my closet









Yesterday I went upstairs to my “closet/attic room/file room/ craft room” That makes it sound huge it really isn’t. It is a hall shaped room that has become a catch all for the girls as they clean out their rooms and holds my overflow from files to winter coats to dressy clothes. It is a space that is great for storage but not much else.  In order to not feel overwhelmed I just went in there to do three things.

  • try on all dresses and pants
  • put all like things together–pants with pants, jackets with jackets, etc
  • Remove things to Donate, Dump, Deliver


I was completely inspired by The Home Edit on Instagram found here: The Home Edit 

Their feed is like the planner thing all over again…I am obsessed! Take a look at the link above. It is INSANE!


So here is the big question.

Donate, Dump


Am I using this to avoid writing?

Honestly I am not sure. I hope not but I know that I could. Realizing this could be a problem I make you a promise… I will only organize and clean after I have written for the day. My mom would be so proud of me for organizing—she is the organizing queen!

How’s that for a promise?

Where do you hide from your writing?

How do you Avoid Writing


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  1. Muriel
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    That is too funny! 🙂 But, I commend you for sticking to your writing and organizing! I like the DDD idea.

    I hide from my writing behind my reading…….or some chore I come up with that just has to be done first. As for organizing, I can truly relate. My late husband was a “closet hoarder”. We didn’t know the extent of his hoarding until after his death. That was 2 1/2 years ago. We might be done going through it all this summer. :\ I think I hear writing procrastination in the boxes! 😉

  2. medalnet
    | Reply

    Angelique L’Amour, thanks a lot for the post.Really thank you! Much obliged.

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