Make A New Commitment to Write

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Make a new commitment to writeKeep the NaNoWriMomentum going and make a new commitment to write!

Even if you are like me and didn’t formally join the force you may have heard the buzz, followed people on social media that are partaking. How do we keep that going? By not giving up!

We have to take the risk and keep moving forward. Believe me, I know it takes energy, but I also know that even if it is in the dark of night or early hours of the day we can write. I have a ipad case that has a keyboard. I don’t transfer or upload any of my books in progress to the cloud but I write on pages or notes and then email myself so I can add it in at my computer. I have written in the pickup line, waiting for people and when I should be cooking dinner!

So here we are at the end of this month of national creativity. What will you do next?

If you haven’t finished your draft then keep going and finish it! Make a commitment to your story and just write.

If you have finished a draft and have no idea what to do next I have a few suggestions.

Read your book. Read your book, write down character names, descriptions, make a list of events. Don’t delineate chapters or scenes just list events.

And, (shameless plug coming)

Join the character challenge and develop those folks you have been bringing to life on the page.

I will be speaking more about keeping the momentum in my facebook live on Dec 6 at 6 pm Pacific. And if you can please ask a question or put your question in the announcement at the top of my facebook page :Link to my facebook page here!

And sign up for the challenge here: Challenge Sign Up


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