The Promise of a New Character

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The Promise of a New CharacterA few months ago I created a new character out of nothing.


I was gearing up to teach my facebook live during my character challenge. When I was teaching full time I always did the exercises I assigned along with my students if it was during class time or on my own as homework. It kept my hand in so to speak. It also helped me make sure the exercise taught what I was trying to teach!


The promise of a new character is exciting.


I couldn’t believe that as I was answering the character questions how this fully formed human showed up. Fully formed may be a bit too much. She is only 10 years old, but I have no idea how she will grow.

Her villain is also fairly well formed and based on a woman I knew once upon a time.

Are you curious? I sure am.

I can not wait to jump into her story though I am not sure when I get to do that. I also need to draw her, and I am lousy at drawing. Drawing your character we will discuss in my upcoming character creation workshop which will begin December 3.

I’m giving all the #NaNoWriMo authors a break of 2 days and then jumping right in with exercises that can expand the characters they created in their rough drafts over November.

Whether or not you are partaking in November’s “write 50,000 words in 30 days challenge” I will be here to help and follow up with my character creation workshop starting December 3 and another facebook live happy to answer questions on Wednesday December 6.

I can’t promise I won’t jump in with a few live moments between now and then but I am placing this as a carrot to keep me moving through my college math class! In the meantime check out:

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