5 Tips: How To Return to Writing After a Break

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How to Return to Writing After a BreakI have been struggling lately with how to return to writing after my 7 year break.

This is not to say I haven’t been writing. I have just been writing about life, philanthropy and cancer. Real life took charge in both my writing and my daily life. I have written before –See this post–about the break I took from writing fiction.

It was not by choice but by necessity.

At that point, fall 2009, I had one book with a strong idea how to do my final rewrite. Another one was 197 pages into my first full draft. Along with those two very developed pieces are three picture books(finished but not submitted), three novels with at least the first 50 pages written, ideas for 17 books written as just one liners or notes, and plans for more. Needless to say I am excited to get back to work!

How do I find my way in to my writing?

For those of you for whom life has interrupted the creative process:

Here are my tips…


1) Read the book. Read it like you are reading it for the first time.

2) As you read: Make notes –jot down ideas that occur to you about the story or characters. Don’t stress too much about this just make sure you write enough to remember any great idea you have.

3)Make a character list: I will make a list of characters, who they are and what pages they appear on so I can refer back. I will expand the character cards I have already made to include anything I missed.

4)Create an outline of your story. Keep it simple and write page numbers so you can refer back–I know they change with the draft but it will help you fine things if you have a vague idea of when they happen.

5)Create a timeline of your story.

5 Tips How to return to writing after a break

So off I go into the world of my book. Step into yours and watch what happens.

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