Successes of 2016 Plans for 2017

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I sit here in my house; rain is falling. I am reflecting on the successes of 2016 and planning for 2017. I have that awful cold thing that starts with a sore throat and morphs into a cough and no voice. So I am silent and I must write to be heard. Not that unusual for me. Last year at this time I made plans. I would publish my guide book to surviving chemo and parenting at the same time and I would make a foray into the world of motivational speaking. I also planned on moving ahead with the next book and beginning to work again on my fiction.

That was the plan and I am happy to say I have accomplished all of it. The book, Chemo Cupcakes and Carpools has been published. I had a public speaking gig and had two other places express interest in me speaking. I have begun rewriting in earnest, my next book and I have begun rereading a bit of the first novel I plan to work on.

In between sips of tea and honey I am also making plans for 2017 to launch some exciting projects the first of the year. Those you will hear about soon. I am pleased that this year I did what I set out to do. As a parent I find that to be spectacular. Especially since this was the year our oldest applied to college, auditioned for theatre programs, graduated from high school and moved away to college. Our youngest began high school and I spent time working for my family business as well as making jewelry to sell through a friend’s business online. What is that saying? If you need something done ask a busy person.

Next year looks great. Our oldest will have a lead in a play at school(one of two freshmen cast this year). Our youngest will be pursuing her interests in high school and I will be continuing to pursue mine. My husband is busy with his  music and I get to listen to it all day long which is quite lovely.

some jewelry
a few things I made for the Christmas Season
The book I released in June

Soon we head to the snow to celebrate Christmas in Colorado and we get to ski a bit before heading into the new year. So how do you want to feel next year? What do you want to accomplish? Make a list of how you will do just that and just watch what happens!

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