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I have always welcomed summer with enthusiasm. Who hasn’t? Each season is special to me but summer with its months of anticipation as a kid, the hint of endless sun and no school, enticing me away from the last minute studying for finals to now, waiting for my eldest to come home and my youngest to be done with her last final, is like waiting for Christmas.

Summer has always been a time of travel for us.

We always plan a family trip and while the idea behind that has changed over the years we still have time together that is different then when the kids are in school. There is no timetable. I am trying to keep it that way.




For me there is also a new opportunity and challenge.


I am prepping for my workshops at DFWCon June 9 and 10

where I will be teaching two different workshops. “What Story Are You Not Telling? Writing Our Way Through Challenges” –and
“What’s Your Secret? The Character Creation Workshop” I truly love to teach and I can’t wait!

You can sign up, buy tickets and learn more here:








Scott Westerfeld is the keynote speaker and I can’t wait!

In order to do this I have to learn how to create and present a Powerpoint or Keynote presentation and buy a handy dandy clicker so I can be free to walk around the room like Steve Jobs. My kids have been making these for school for years but this time it is up to me. Luckily I have both of them home right now to help me.

Along with planning these classes I am also participating as an author at DFWcon.

I will be meeting writers and agents and learning more about my business.

In order to be ready for this part of the meeting I am adding content to my website about the book projects I have in the mix. The three main projects I am working on will all have a page on my website under the “For Readers” tab within the next week or so. Please check that out! I have also begun using pinterest for visual research, both to help me visualize and to entice interest among my readers. Click here to see my pinterest profile! 







I love doing research so it has been fun looking for pictures of the type of house in my MG mystery and looking at maps for my YA–the memoir doesn’t have the same visual necessity as it is about my life and I have those pictures firmly in my head. The best teaser for that book is the content on this blog starting back in 2009.

Along with the new content on my website and pinterest I am also posting on instagram, instastories, and highlights regarding my research too. Follow along there too!  My Instagram!Summer!











After all the excitement in Dallas I will be heading on some much desired family travel. Summer means vacation and I plan on getting some in before I begin my July class at Excelsior. Slowly but surely I am plugging away at my degree. Our oldest is stretching herself by heading to NYC for the summer to study and our youngest will begin her junior year in July. Her plan is to finish that year of school early so she can begin looking at colleges in the spring. She definitely looks at the long view.














I am trying not to look at the end of the trail but simply enjoy the trip. I am making a concerted effort to wander new places, see familiar places in a new light and play. I need to do more of that.















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