The Travel Planner

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How do you plan your travels?

Do you take notebook sized paper in a folder? Do you take a binder with all your info? Do you take a presentation folder with multiple pockets? These are all ways I have created a travel planner in the past. Here is a peek inside what I am using this summer.

Since heading back into a paper planner I wanted one to take with me this summer on trips. I always use an A5 size except for my everyday carry book of todo lists. Here is a pic of the Chic Sparrow A6 Pemberly In poppy. It is always in my purse with my todo list and my expense register.

My normal agenda with everything in it is an A5.

Check out the size here:

That is big, two inches thick and heavy with my inserts so I bought a clipbook from filofax for the trip and filled it with unused dividers and pockets.

Usually when I travel I print out a full size version of the trip and load up a project folder (with 6 -12 pockets), in order of the events. The ride to the airport followed by plane tickets followed by rental car and then hotel. This time I wanted things smaller. So into the clipbook I went. This was also a longer trip and I needed more with me. I needed a pocket for insurance, immunization records, etc.

If you haven’t seen the clipbook they are A5 size and fit all filofax/6 hole A5 inserts—this made it easier as I know I will add the daily pages to my normal planner when I get home. So far it is working well. On a shorter trip I might just insert my current calendar and head out the door. On this one I wanted a daily page.

Travel insurance docs in a pocket—needed the clip as there were a lot of pages.

Maps in a pocket

Shrunk my itinerary down to A5 size too.

I also packed an A5 book from paper penguin

I know I will fill it with more memories when I return but as you can see I began using it and taping in things I wanted to keep. Tickets, postcards, etc. I haven’t been writing much the last few days but I have been keeping track of my walking!

paper penguin
Cute right? From Paper Penguin
the travel planner
my journal

Lisbon is on 7 hills in case you didn’t know.

PHEW! I didn’t have to about the walking part of my work outs.

How do you organize your travel?

I am on a writing deadline this week so I am off to write! Next week I will be back with a more writing focused piece. While your here head to the top and sign up under the for readers or for writers tab–that way you will get the newsletter once a month and notices when I publish!

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