What I Am Reading Now

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What I am reading now…

The first two months of this year I was taking my english class in college and reading zombie centered fiction. This became a focus and while not my first choice(I like historical and mysteries and even better historical mysteries) I had some fun reading the material for class, an anthology and two novels.

What I am reading now





The novel I picked for class was “Boneshaker” by Cherie Priest. It was also my first foray into Steampunk. I enjoyed it enough to want to look further into steampunk fiction at a later date.








What I am reading now

This month I am taking a masterclass with Judy Blume.

What an amazing experience. While I have read a number of her books(completely devoured so many as a kid I have lost count) I had not read any of her adult fiction. I bought “In the Unlikely Event” which I will read, shortly.




What I am reading now


Right now though I am reading Tasha Alexander’s latest, I never miss her books!

“Death in St. Petersburg”










What I am reading now


I am also reading my dad’s book that is coming out in the fall…and yes,  I do get ARC if I ask my brother! “No Traveler Returns” is the first novel my dad ever wrote or attempted to write, I believe.



Those last two I am reading now in hopes of finishing them before April 1.

April 1 is my start date for myself. I am revisiting Spanish through The Great Courses Plus in hopes of taking an exam and getting some credit as well as regaining my ability with my second language. Then in early May I am back on the college course track taking either a science or an ethics course. I haven’t decided yet.

I have to admit I have been binge watching Riviera and I have been tired traveling like I have so all I want to do on a plane is watch a movie. Last Sunday I watched, Victoria and Abdul which was fun having just binge watched Victoria! So tonight I am adding a column to my habit tracker: Pages Read.

What are you reading?

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