Who Is Your Reader?

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Who is your reader?

Who is your ideal reader?

Have you thought about it? Do you know them?

I forgot mine this week. I got done with a rather complex draft and put it aside as I do for 3 days or so. And when I went back there was this little voice that popped up with all those extremely helpful things.

“Who do you think you are?” “You are not your dad.” “This is a dumb idea.” “You can’t execute this.”

My husband said to me, “That isn’t your responsibility. Your doubts are not your business.” Isn’t he great?

Who is your reader?

Of course they aren’t my business. I have absolutely no business paying attention to a creativity killing voice. My fabulous acting coach, Larry Moss, referred to it as the “negative interject.” Suggested we ignore him or her and drop kick them through the door.

My job is to tell the story.

It is that simple.

I'm 55. And I haven't done anything with my life.
Me at about 11

Just tell the story to the best of my ability, ask for some help with that and move ahead. Remember that my audience is not me. Not me at 55. It is me at 11. Or the kid across the street. Or her friends. My girlfriend’s daughter who is 9 will also get a copy. Regardless of who publishes, who likes it or doesn’t, I will have written a book that can be read.

This week’s newsletter went out with a very important idea in it.

Every book gets written one word at a time. So write the words and make it happen because only you can tell your story.

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