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What story are you not telling? Character workshopSaturday morning I am teaching a character workshop.

It is the first time I will be teaching in a bookstore in Lomita called Pipe and Thimble. I am really excited to be back in a classroom setting(sort of) teaching complete strangers!

The first time I taught in a classroom was at a middle school in LA. I taught for a full year while I was going through cancer surgery and treatment. This should be easier!

I love the instant feedback of my students.

I love working with someone and watching their enthusiasm when a whole world opens up to them for the first time.

Character development-one on one time with your characters is freeing.

You suddenly unleash a whole world of possibilities just from knowing exactly where and how they live in the world you have created. It adds nuance to the story and physicality to the character. I have worked with fiction writers, non-fiction writers and screenwriters. One in particular couldn’t figure out why he wasn’t finding the right actor for the part until we sat down together and figured out he hadn’t put what he wanted on the page.

I hope I can be tech savvy enough to video tape the class. Not sure if I can manage it but I am going to try so then I can share snippets.

I will be taking the class through the 25 questions as well as a few other exercises so come on out and see what it is like to work with me!

Click here for more info and tickets

If you want to work one on one with me Click here!

Character workshop

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