10 Questions to Develop Conflict Between Characters

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10 Questions to Develop Conflict Between Characters

Let’s talk about conflict between characters.

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Let’s talk conflict between two characters instead of conflict overall,

I am talking about individual conflict between two people. I was listening to a wise friend discuss a conflict with another friend. She got into a disagreement and the other woman had gotten hurt. She said “I didn’t mean to hurt her. I never meant to hurt her but no matter what I meant that is what happened. That is the emotion and that is what I have to resolve with her. So, they talked, and she apologized for hurting her. She didn’t need to be right in that moment and she wanted to resolve the situation so they could go on with their friendship.

When you decide how your characters deal with conflict you will add dimension to each experience they have in the course of your story. Don’t be afraid to try several out in order to find what fits best. Sometimes it is a terrific exercise to write the same scene with different reactions. The changes in their reactions will also change the reactions of others.

10 Questions to Develop Conflict Between Characters:

  1. How does your character handle conflict?
  2. Do they avoid conflict?
  3. Do they confront it?
  4. Do they get angry and attack?
  5. Do they cry, laugh, run away?
  6. Do they deal with the results of their actions or do they need to be right?
  7. Do they just give up and end the relationship?
  8. Who are they in conflict with and do they want to fix it or be right?
  9. Do they want to solve the issue or win?
  10. How much do they value that resolution?


Allow these to inform how they approach the conflict in your book.

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