Who would your character call for help?

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Remember the game show “So you want to be a millionaire?” Contestants were allowed to phone a friend  for help. I ran a game like that when when I taught 6th grade literature. We would discuss the reading and I … Read More

Writing Plans: 4 Ways To Keep Your Writing on Track

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SCBWI weekend is over and my head is full of ideas! One of the great takeaways from this event was from Jem Chambers-Black from Andrea Brown Literary Agency. She gave a wonderful talk, and in it described what she asks … Read More

A Cure for Writer’s Block: Vacation Writing Days

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Do you take vacation writing days from your WIP? I don’t mean a vacation from writing but a vacation from your WIP. I was discussing writer’s block with an author over dms recently and I realized that this was the … Read More

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