Engaging Readers Through Layering Physical Description

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Today I am giving you the best tip!

How to layer your physical description for more depth, higher stakes, and deeper engagement of your readers. Building worlds is something we all do, not just fantasy writers. Sci fi and fantasy writers certainly create enormous worlds, but we are all doing it to some extent.

We are building places and people to engage our readers.

For several years now I have been corresponding and working with an independent editor. Nathan Bransford began as an agent, has published a series of MG fiction and spent a number of hours working with me on my book. He is fabulous. Along with his many talents he has a blog and newsletter that I find invaluable.

After his last pass through on my book he shared one of his posts that I found so brilliant I had to share it with you.

Remember when I wrote about croissants and writing? If you don’t, that post is here: A Rewrite is Like Making a Croissant

I hadn’t read his when I wrote mine and his is awesome.  In my post I  was trying to describe and figure out what he explains so well.

If you don’t write for kids this still applies to your writing so be aware that, while his example is magic bakeries inside trees, the lesson is completely valuable.

Here is his article about a similar idea and he explains it in detail.


Check out his other posts and sign up for his newsletter–both have a great deal of information on writing and the business.

Happy Layering!

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