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I began this blog in 2009 right after I was diagnosed with cancer.

For years it was a blog that dealt with my diagnosis, treatment, complications and the raising of our two girls and the life with my husband. Over the past 10 years I have written about writing more and more and the posts about cancer diagnosis and survivorship have taken a back seat.

My readers have followed a number of adventures, pieces of parenting and writing advice and my return to college. If you are new, take a look back and check it out.

Now that I have jumped in to really finishing college by taking 4 classes in rapid succession I have little time to write the blog. I share on instagram, have moved away from twitter/x and facebook I find a bit confusing but I still share there.

I am currently in Colorado on a quick visit before my final reconstruction of my reconstruction which is Nov. 3.

That is, as has been my routine, the third try for this surgery this year.

One reaction to cashews, one cold curtesy of the Taylor Swift concert and now, hopefully, 3rd time is the charm.

The big news is that it has been 14 years tomorrow since I was declared cancer-free.

I have raised two kids with my husband from 7 and 11 to 21 and 25. I have almost completed college and I have written SO MANY DRAFTS of my book. Thanks to all my family and friends. I could have done it without them.


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