Ice or No Ice?

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A New Character Question

For all you writers out there searching for a new character trait!


Mondays find me doing schoolwork in a cafe.

So, me being me, I find the opportunity for another character question.

Subtleties in characters can be a breadcrumb left for the reader or the author.

I have left several little breadcrumbs in my current novel…maybe you will find them.

I digress….


it is an American luxury. In Europe, water may be served cold or cool, but without ice, soda, too, is iceless. Maybe mixed drinks come with ice, but I don’t drink, so I don’t know.

In the old days you would get a block of ice from a stream or a lake or a vendor and keep it in the icehouse or cellar and use it til it melted. Ice is a luxury.

Some folks love ice cold drinks, water, tea etc. Some don’t.

Does your character order ice in their drinks?

Do they take it room temp? Do they like the coldness or prefer not to have the ice hit their teeth as they drink.

Truthfully, I took my vitamins with ice water today and it was a trick getting enough water without the ice along with my handful of horsepills.

Ice or no Ice?

Flat or sparkling?

Ah that was a trick wasn’t it? I added a bonus question!

What kind of person takes lukewarm sparkling water?

Someone who has odd tastes in my opinion or someone who doesn’t know the joy of ice? Or someone with a massive toothache?

See…so many ways to go…


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