A Rewrite is Like Making a Croissant

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Do you know how to make a croissant?

There is a link below but basically you chill your dough and your butter then you layer the two and fold and roll the dough then chill again. Every few hours you fold and roll the dough again.

A rewrite is like making a croissant.

I am needing to layer in things, fold them into the story and chill for a bit while I get ready to fold in another piece.



Did you know how much work it takes to make a good one?

It takes patience, chill time and a lot of folding.

Kind of like writing a book.

Though during the chill time other things are goin on…research, outlining, descriptive passages being written. And some times a good old fashioned letting alone for a day or so.

This rewrite needs three things in particular:

  • More insight into the original hopes and dreams of my characters
  • Better description of the house itself
  • Sharpening of interior voice

Right now I am going to write the full description of the house in my book.  It is its own character and needs a full description so that when I add it back I can use pieces where I need them.

I get to build a haunted house/ castle / mansion on a mountain in Los Angeles!

The first step was making vision boards for the inside and outside see below:

Also, in the spirit of good research I have visited a few grand old houses both online and in person in the past few weeks. ( I never let an opportunity for feet on the ground research to take place!


And in you are interested here is how to make croissants! Decide for yourself if you think a rewrite is like making a croissant…


How to make croissants-Video link

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