The Four questions to ask yourself before you become an empty nester

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I am on the edge of a new chapter in my life.

The book is almost ready for submission–one or two more run throughs, a sendoff to my editor and I will begin to work on my query letter.
At that point I will take a college class as I am trying to continue moving toward my degree.

Six years ago I asked myself some very pertinent questions to set myself up for the future.

The future is now.

In August the half empty nest becomes full again. Our oldest comes home to apartment hunt and eventually our youngest heads back to college after summer.

What will my life look like in the fall?

In 2016 when our oldest was on the verge of leaving for college I took a look at what I wanted my life to be like when our youngest left.

I had four years to really begin to change the trajectory from full time wife and mom working for the family biz to having days no longer determined by school schedules…to having months and years no longer determined by school schedules.

In the past now 6 years I have built my social media following, built my newsletter to an industry high open rate, continued my blog and written and rewritten this book while facing a global pandemic.

I have succeeded in areas important to me–though I wish I was a faster writer. The global pandemic slowed me down a bit.

This summer as I continue to write I also plan to take time to dream.
Want to join me?

Here are the  four questions I asked myself before I became an empty nester that set me up for where I am today.

1)What is your dream for the future?

2)How do you want to feel in a year or two? Emotionally, physically, spiritually?

3)What do you have to do to make that happen?

4)What are three things you can do today to get started?


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