What does your character wear to sleep?

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So there is a #wearyourpajamastoworkday…and it is today…

Let’s turn this into a character question.

As an author I write in my pj’s, my workout gear (shout out to @athleta for the majority of my wardrobe) and regular jeans and teeshirts.

What does my main character, villain, or bff wear to sleep?

Matching pj’s and robe? Silk or cotton? Lace or no lace? Sweats? nightgowns –long or short? what about pj’s –short or full or capri? Hand me downs? Or do they sleep in clothing they can run out the door in? And if they do that, why? Because of a sick kid, impending doom, early morning?

One babysitter we had told me she slept in her soccer uniform so that when she had to get up early she was already dressed. Those of you who drove a kid to club soccer, volleyball, tournaments of any kind–we are bonded for life over early morning Starbucks breakfast!

Isn’t it interesting how just asking the question and listing options gives you an instant character ?

If you aren’t yet working on a project create some characters who would wear those items to sleep? How are they alike or different? Who picks out their sleepwear gives you more background. What does what they wear determine how relaxed they are in life? How scared?

I love this question and now I have to go work on this for my characters!

I have to ask–does this picture seem mildly threatening to you? maybe it is too many SVU episodes–23 years!  or my writer brain but I don’t like the way he is looking at her!

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