5 Tips: How to Write your Blog

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5 Writing Tips for BloggersI started blogging 8 years ago.

I began blogging to get through cancer treatment and let my friends and family know how I was doing.

My days had a schedule to them and my blog had a purpose. I would write about my cancer experience and about how I felt going through chemo. I blogged every chemo and inbetween.

Then that period was over but I kept blogging. Even as my life changed and my focus changed I kept blogging. The kids grew up. One went to college and I turned back to my writing. All through this I kept blogging. It was not every week but it was several times a month.

In the last year or so I revamped my website and my blog to be more representative of the work I want to do now. My story has changed into that of being an author, advocate, survivor and writing teacher/coach. Cancer is taking a backseat.

Writing and Creating are my passion projects.

2018 for me will be a time of creation.

I publish my blog every Wednesday about writing. Come take a look!

Here are my five tips (plus two bonus tips) on how to keep going when you think you have no ideas!

Some are things you need to do in your daily life and some are things you can do from your desk.

  1. Keep A List- I use the notes app so if something strikes my fancy for a blog post I can jot it or speak it into my phone and look back later. That way I have ideas when I don’t have ideas.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
  2. Write– whenever you can-Really if you have 5 minutes write a blog post or a few ideas down. I write while the oven is heating or I am waiting for someone. You don’t need everything in place. The more you write the more you write. To build your blog following you have to be consistent.                                                                                                   
  3. Do Bullet-Points– when you don’t have time- ideas come when you least expect them so if you have time to write your major points down do that.                                                  
  4. READ-blogs, books, twitter, news, comments from your followers, read everything as more ideas will come.                                                                                                               
  5. Take Pictures with your phone. Step outside look around and take a pic. You never know when it will come in handy. If you have a fashion blog snap pics of your outfits. If you didn’t do your make up snap your shoes. If you write about mindfulness take pictures of nature, trees, leaves, birds. You will use them.


One blogger I know asked me how do I push through–I don’t believe in writer’s block. That is an excuse to not write. What I know is that if you have a job as a bank teller. You get up in the morning, put on your work clothes and go to work. If you want to write and make that your business then you have to treat it as one. Get out of bed and go to work.

I don’t write every day.

I do write almost every day and I do engage on social media. Since I am the wife I have family commitments. If I had a wife perhaps things would be different. But I don’t so they aren’t. I go to the market, pay bills, drive kids, take people to the doctor. I do all the things a mom does and I write. I have my schedule that usually gets thrown out the window by mid morning. I find my way to the computer early or late, mid day or in between emergencies. I try to write every day. If it is book writing that is fabulous. Some days I write blog posts.

That is the bonus tip number six:

6) If you are in the zone and have the time keep writing. Strike while the iron is hot. I think the most blog posts I have done in one day is about 5. They all needed formatting and photos but the words were done. So finish.

Bonus tip number seven:

7) Finish. Just finish.

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  1. Chuck Bartok
    | Reply

    Not only do I read the blogs of others in my interest niches, I comment often on them.
    Google alerts provide a synopsis of blogs relevant to my niches daily.
    Amazing the ideas that flow.

    • Angelique L’Amour
      | Reply

      I love hearing this!

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