5 Ways to Research Your Book

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5 ways to research your book

Five Ways to Research Your Book is just a smattering of ideas you may not have considered.



In this day of the internet where a search can lead you down a rabbit hole of marvelous discoveries it is easy to get off track. While I love a good internet search here I am offering some old school research methods.

All of these you can use from the comfort of your own home or with a quick trip to town.



  1. Call an Expert: yes actually pick up the phone and check in with a librarian, historical society, genealogical society, museum directors, re-enactors, or even a minister to ask questions on everything from family history to the most popular businesses in an area.
  2. Consult a Map: Remember there are current maps through AAA and your local bookstore in the travel section. For older maps search them out in libraries or online. There are even books of maps available that show the changes over time of many areas.
  3. Doctors: I know it is expensive to make an appointment but many of your doctors or friends who are doctors are just waiting for the chance to be an expert for a book. Just ask. If you need to know how long it takes to recover from something they or their nurses are your best bet.
  4. Teachers: Every teacher/professor I know has an area of expertise or an area they just love to teach about. Try asking what they think or if they will take a look to make sure you have gotten something right.
  5. First Responders: In my youth you could do a ride along with the LAPD but I am not sure they still do that. Police will answer questions if asked. Just call your local station. The fire department is another source of information. Usually fire departments are either running to help or waiting to run to help so if you catch them at the right time you can ask away. Call first or bring them some cookies!

If you want to have a few more of my research tips click below:

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