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Last night I went to a birthday party—This was my oldest/longest friend’s b-day and she celebrated it in style–a restaurant with really yummy food–especially dessert– with her group around her. This group consists of people she has met over the years from work, school, and friends of friends. Since we have known each other so long I have known many of them for awhile. We have been at parties, and showers and events together and planned parties together.

I was not prepared for how much this evening would mean to me. It was about her after all. It seems I was really needing a night out. A night of conversation and food and laughter and song. A night not about medication, side effects, attitude and how fast I can get into my pjs and bed. I had a wonderful time and it seems I have forgotten to take care of my social side. In all this I have a social need that is not fulfilled by phone calls and emails. There really is nothing as important as human contact. It has been proven that babies who are orphaned at birth or have difficulties need human touch to thrive. Last night I received many hugs and good wishes and promises of prayer and again I am moved by the comaraderie of human beings…of how we can reach out to someone we know well or only see in passing and how we can really impact their lives and make their days.

I wish I could send an email to each person I spoke with last night and thank them for what they meant to me. The encouraging words, the smiles, the hugs, the questions about what was going on and the moments where my cancer wasn’t the focus. Each of those things will feed me through the months to come. and that keeps me going and keeps my attitude together. I have a great attitude–I know it—but it is helped by those around me.

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