A Plan–Clothing for all Occasions! Need Vs. Want

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So sitting here thinking about need verses want. Really what do we NEED? A roof over our heads, food in our belly and enough clothing to keep us covered and not arrested. If I look at my current needs as far as clothing is concerned I have none. I have categories:

Work out clothes
everyday Write/ mom clothes
Teaching clothes
Business meetings
Black tie
Dressy holiday/ cocktail/ non-profit event stuff
Cool casual chic

I was so pleased with myself for our trip to Hawaii I wore almost everything I packed- I missed out on a t-shirt and a maxi skirt.

I try to live lightly on the land, watch our water use, this is socal, recycle and donate and rid our house of clutter.
Earlier in the year  I went through a huge weed out process. I had the Got Junk? guys come twice and donated a ton and resold a ton.

I have been a reseller for a long time. I used to buy all my formal wear and costumes for scenes and plays in vintage stores. I had great formals in my late teens and twenties which I never had to worry about someone else showing up in them. Besides, once you wear a bias cut gown from the thirties you realize how that cut really is flattering to a woman’s body. I never had the figure of the day so to speak. I am shaped like an hourglass and my body’s style had it’s heyday in the 1930’s,  1940’s and 1950’s.  So those fashions were fabulous on me. I couldn’t buy off the rack very well back then because no one was cutting for that type. Now I find a few lines that do it right and buy them. Most of my life is spent in jeans anyway. I can’t remember the last truly black tie event I went to. Had a moment when people thought I looked like Rita Hayworth…what a compliment!

 a Jean Patou from the 1930’s–had one similar though out of ivory satin not gold lamé

So I am trying to pay a few bills, clothe our kids, one homeschooler who needs daily clothes for the first time in her school life(uniforms are so nice) and one high schooler who is very social and needs things for those events.  So I am here saying I am buying virtually nothing clothing wise for the next three months at least. One caveat—I feel that underpinnings are free game, as are socks and tennis shoes. To be perfectly honest I think I can keep my promise to myself to not purchase any clothing for three months –though I have a couple of credits I may use.

What do you think? Think you could go without buying any clothing for the next three? How about the next six? We shall see how I do. Also if the random black tie event comes up I may need something for that. The last black tie outfit is from about 1999 and I am not sure I can fit it anymore…

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  1. Monicasgirls
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    So funny you should post this! I am doing the same except I am trying for a year! I know! I wasn't really going to share it with anyone so as not to be held to it! That's the way I am with diets too, don't want anyone creeping up behind me and reminding me not to bite into that cupcake! It all started because I met a woman at a party who said she had just finished her year of living dangerously! She challenged herself not to buy any clothing for herself for the year and was surprisingly successful! I found myself jealous and ready to self challenge! I am 3 weeks in and a total success….just wondering if you'd be my support group because I have a feeling I am going to need it! xoxo M

  2. Angelique L'Amour
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    absolutely–a whole year? Actually I think I could do it–with the exceptions of underwear and socks and tennis shoes and the one outfit for my event. I think I could—I am in! And you keep me honest too!

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