A terrific new year Indeed and a confession

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I made my resolutions just in time to have my back get nasty. I was already to commit myself to the gym three days a week with great regularity. Now I am starting pt instead! But it is a new year and I am even more encouraged by growth and change. Even in myself. We managed 4 celebrations of the oldest’s 18th. Everyone is back at school and rehearsal and all that and I am mind mapping books and learning about scrivener and kindle direct publishing. I started a new knitting project which is hidden from view most of the time as it is a gift for graduation and I am keeping it secret(she doesn’t read my blog) and I have decided to start a new project.

As we grow older and face our own mortality–deaths of friends, our own health and kids growing up it seems that the idea that life stretches on forever is changing.
I made a decision that 2016 would be the year of Louis for me. I am beginning to read my dad again. I confess I have not read every single one and I want to –so I will begin now. I think when he first passed away it all felt too new. I also dreaded the idea of finishing them all as then it would be done. Of course I could begin again but you only get the first time once in your life. I have to decide where to begin.  I am always asked what is my favorite book so now I will turn the tables on my social media and ask the same of everyone else. Follow me on twitter @LAmourAngelique and tweet me your favorite L’Amour book. I will make a list and be tweeting and such about my experiences. It is funny because my friend from school, Lori, has just decided to post reviews on Fridays of what she is reading. I won’t post every week but I will post what I read when I read it.

“We needed books, we needed something on which to build dreams.”
“Money can be lost or stolen, health and strength may fail, but what you have committed to your mind is yours forever.”

Two quotes from Dad to start me off…now which book?

books in order of publication date

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