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So everything was fine last week. Still I hate the fear that shoots through me like a knife whenever I hear the words, “we need to take a closer look.”
 So for me, taking a trip out of the country is huge. It means lot of organizing, lots of emails and
phone calls and map searching and it means leaving behind my doctors.  this is not so scary this year but last year I couldn’t do it.
I love the excitement of going overseas…the overnight plane, the passport checks and the way everything is different yet familiar. This trip is especially special as I will finally go to Northern Ireland where my Dad’s family is from. Someone back in the 1890’s tracked the family back to Antrim to a town called Ballymoney, all because the Quakers kept really good records. Well I am sure I am the first to go “home” from my family line as the book I found had my great grandpa having no offspring with his first wife…he he he—That was wrong–so I go and hope to stand on the street in Ballmoney and find folks in the oldest church yard from my family. Perhaps I will even find the gates to Ballinacree, the family home. They are pictured on the web so I will go looking and hope to not bore my kids too much!

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