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This past week I was involved with a wonderful event at Occidental College called Adventures of the Mind. They invite high school students from around the world to come and spend days with amazing people who are the top in their fields. These people are writers, website developers, doctors, scientists, and more. I got to help and by that I got to be in the room to hear many of these people speak and meet many of the kids involved who are amazing and fabulous and enthusiastic.

While I was driving back and forth an hour each way almost daily I didn’t have a ton of energy for anything else, especially book related so I did research. I researched monetizing a blog, blogging for money, how to get jobs in online publications, writing contests and blogger groups. I discovered a few things about myself.

1) I don’t want to monetize my blog yet.
2) while I do want to get paid for writing the time and energy I would have to put forth to do that on the internet for me is better spent working on my book.
3)I may enter a writing contest or two
4)blogger groups seem to be mostly women who fashion or family blog. While I do do that a bit, I am a  woman so it is natural for me to write about being one and about my kids from time to time, sometimes my subject matter gets a bit heavy.
5)I would rather finish my memoir and get on with my adventure  novel that has been left alone far too long.

Tomorrow I take a step in the direction of completion as I am meeting with a writing coach that comes recommended by a friend and her husband who have taken his workshops. I found a few workshops that looked interesting but I am simply too far along with my writing to make them make sense for me.
I also found that the women who run one workshop also publish and I am not sure that  is the way I want to go.

So tomorrow I have the meeting, my husband has arrived with dinner and it is back to my home life. I will report in on the meeting!

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