Being bald

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I was thinking about this today and I realized a few things—
1)there is no shame in being bald–it is completely uncontrollable. –Unless you shave your head.
2)I shouldn’t feel shy about being bald it is merely an outward sign of an inner battle–really

Then I though about my generation–I am a weird one–Dad was a WWII vet and mom was a kid during the war–lands me in the middle of two generations–almost—so there is this group of us who look at an able bodied young (ish) person who is bald and it takes us to WWII and concentration camps–think about it –that is one thought–the other more available thought is CANCER!!! I am a survivor—but I am not sure I like that word for it–because now surviving is the more common event. We survive cancer now –years ago that wasn’t true and of course, and unfortunately, that still isn’t true with certain cancers and certain diagnosis. BUt for me
Surviving is what happens—I got cancer–they took it out–they give me amazing meds to make sure it doesn’t come back and BEFORE they give me the meds they make sure it isn’t anywhere else…

I had a bunch of scans to make sure…So it won’t pop up unexpected.

And now I have my marines looking out for me–marching through…
So of course I will survive….I will live ….and I will walk around bald. Because there is no shame in it. I am fighting a fight with the power of amazing doctors and scientists behind me. They push me forward into life. God pushes me forward, lifts me up and makes it all possible.

Before—the day of my surgery, the husband of my oldest friend, sent me the most amazing prayer in an email. In it is saw God working through everyone who was helping me. I reread it today and it again gave me such peace and love.
God is working through everyone who is praying loving supporting and curing me!
I am so lucky.
I am so grateful to all of you and everyone who came before—all the women who survived so they could find better drugs and surgeries. I am doing my part and I hope I am a part of teaching what IS possible. I am what is possible.

I will only think and pray and love—I will only be positive because there is no other place to be.

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