Breast Health Month–Breast Cancer Awareness Month–Pinktober and My almost 4th anniversary of being cancer free.

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So here are my thoughts—If you want to do something for others my favorite charity is:–this group teaches breast self exam around the world through their daisy wheel and their daisy wheel app which is free in the app store.
The wheels are free to any school that asks. Any school with any amount of girls.

I am not thrilled with Komen–I like charities to give away everything they can to what they are supporting and 23% is not cutting it for me. That said, they have raised awareness in a huge manner.–does much outreach to take medical vans to lower income neighborhoods so women can get tested and checked out for various cancers.– is spearheading the movement to educate everyone on what is in their personal care  and house cleaning products. There is a lot of terrific info there also info on GMO’s in our food supply.– is another one that is working to get to the chemical bottom of why my generation has rampant breast cancer.

There are a lot of “pink” products you can buy for yourself and feel good that money is going to a good cause—just be aware that the cosmetics industry–which likes to pink something each october–also is selling you products that may or may not have chemicals in them that cause it in the first place.

I am working on adding a page to my blog with the products that I personally use daily and why I chose them.. This is a bigger project and may take awhile asI also want to have links to where you can buy the products. I need a web wiz who knows about such things and won’t charge me to help me–or won’t charge me much!

Honestly, as I start to explore things regarding how to make money on the web I start to fade out after a bit. It’s a whole other language and I am still in year one.
I do feel that if I am going to advertise I should make a little bit on the side. It’s been four years since I started this blog so it’s about time I took it further.

I did purchase the other day but it is not up and running yet…fingers crossed it won’t take me long to move this blog to that site but I need a few hours uninterrupted to do it. As a mom and wife—when will I find the time?

 I am working on it–I promise!

And as my little side line–I will wear something pink everyday of this October–maybe I will photograph each item and post it here. hmmm something to think about!

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