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Breathe. Just stop and pay attention to your breath.

Sometimes I forget how to just be still. It was a huge part of my acting training to just be and allow. No strangle holds allowed on thoughts or moments. Do you see the buddha by the rock? Take a closer look. I put him there to remind me. I am not a buddhist but I like what that statue represents to me. Breath.

The last 10 days have been a race. Run to college with our oldest. Run home. Sign myself up for college and take and complete my first class including the final. Finish a project for the family business which I am still working on. Breathe, Angelique, breathe.

My posts were delayed by a day the last two weeks for good reason.

I needed to just slow down.

So I did. I have plans, perhaps too many plans. I tried to make a list of all the things I have to do and I got a tad overwhelmed. I wanted to write my story but was still trying different ways to step in. I wrote a new beginning to the story and I also added some scenes but still things weren’t exactly clicking.  I was still a bit aimless.  Never a good thing with a story. A friend who got her doctorate between kid 4 and kid 5 once said to me, “You just need to write a chapter at a time.” Terrific advice for starting but not necessarily what I needed with this story. I had done that.

Perspective. That is what it is about.

And Time. I have to believe I have enough time. I went to yoga class and never walked in the door. Instead I sat with a friend and spoke with her about taking time. In her case it was for herself and for her grieving process. For me it is always to remember that I have enough time to do what I set out to do. Without rushing and without hurry and panic I can get things done. Maybe not everything will get done today but there is tomorrow. Breathe.

Breathe and Begin

Then I was given some advice to just make a list of all the things that could possibly happen in my story. These were not scenes I was planning to write or had even already written. Just make a list of possible events.

It set me on fire.

My desk is now covered in one area with 3 x 5 cards listing those possible events. I can’t wait to get up tomorrow and go to it. And call my college advisor. And head into town for an appointment. And return some things.

You see the list is never ending. I know where I will begin at 7 am and that is with my story. Always my story.

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