busy busy busy–it’s Christmas time in the city

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Well two days ago I awoke with a rash on my face– I think it is my rosacea raging back at me–I had it last time too but I can’t remember which day..this time it was day 10–I stopped taking zofran and on the internet found an obscure article from 1999 where they were seeing results in people using zofran for rosacea–so I started taking the zofran again to see.

K had a friend over  and I walked around bald in front of her.
 S wants to ask Santa to grow my hair back…I must remember to tell her it is actually helpful–I don’t have to spend any time at all on the hair–no cut no color no shaving my legs–really I am saving probably 1-2 hours a week plus the 3 hour hair color appointment once every 6. I got time all over the place.

I have just about finished my shopping for Christmas. My brother in law is due to go home from the hospital today–he has had his own set of adventures but all is on the mend.

I have to pick up my sleeve—this is a thing to use when flying or at altitude so I don’t get lymphadema from the node removal–it is more common in women who have had a lot of nodes removed but I want to be careful. I have to go to a shop called ” A private affair” love the name and there is a very pretty red velvet bra and  panty set in the window. It is also right next door to a knit store where I plan to visit to offset the horror of picking up a “sleeve?.
VEry few things make me feel like a cancer person–the sleeve and a certain scarf wrapping technique–I am trying to make friends with the technique but …it is tough.

I became aware of breast cancer in the 1970’s when my god mother’s mother had it. Then I started hearing about more and more women–there was a woman of a certain age who would wear her scarf wrapped this certain way and wear diaphonas clothes–flowy pants and tops in desert colors. My god mothers’s mom was NOT one of these–she kept her own sense of style-continued to have grand parties and buy bathing suits. BUT those other women who were brave  and strong inspite of the scarf wrapping–their sense of style is not mine. I want to be sleek and elegant.

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