Can You Fail #NaNoWriMo?

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Can we just chat for a minute? If you have followed me for a bit you know that I don’t believe in writer’s block. I seem to suffer from the other side of the equation. I have too many ideas! So here’s the thing…

I decided to outline first and it is really hard for me. You have to make so many decisions without taking your characters into account. I realize that it is an outline, and I get to toss stuff, but just putting it down felt stifling. I outlined, researched and then wrote. I couldn’t just outline. This was to be a month of experimentation, but I also don’t want to waste precious writing time.  Those  decisions led me to needing to do a lot of research for this one. That took me away from writing for too long and away from my plan to outline first.

So I am putting aside a more complicated historical novel and heading back to middle grade/chapter books –I am starting over with something that doesn’t need research. It just needs a fleshed out story. If I am going to try to outline first I need to start with a more straight ahead story not one with multiple narrators.


I wrote 4000 words in the first 4 days but I also did tons of research and had two story lines –one set 100 years before the other.

…and I want a dog.

That was off topic I know, but I really want a dog!

Back to #nanowrimo…

I am going to begin today making serious headway. Luckily this story will end up being about 25000 words or less. I should be able to catch up with the whole “50K words in a month thing.”


I am also deep in my proofread of my WIP and planning on sending that off next week. It is a balancing act. I am hungry to play in a new story but must stick to the plan of getting this done!

Now that it seems we actually have the next president figured out I can relax. No more checking the internet for updates. Did you get off track due to the election?

Off to proofread and then on with my story about a girl named, April.

(her name may change but right now I am writing about April.

About the question in the title, Can you fail #nanowrimo?


Absolutely 100% No!

As long as you are writing, researching, outlining, editing, and/or reading you are


Let’s Do This!


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