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This year I have tried really hard to make a good Christmas—okay so I try every year…but this one seems more special and more about our family–which includes  many non -blood relations that I refuse to refer to as friends because they are so much more than that.

I ran around today. Right now I am cooking dinner—I went to whole foods with my bald head showing…also went to Nordstroms that way as well. I am getting braver. But what do I do Christmas eve? do I wear the hair? a hat? a scarf?

Today I had a unique experience—I was driving to Joanne’s fabrics–truly brave being the week before Christmas, when I saw a young girl about K’s age running down the main road, barefoot in a t and pants–it was cold out. I turned my car in and parked at the mall then walked back to the road.

Within a few seconds I was talking to her–she wasn’t supposed to talk to strangers so I stayed back about 4 feet from her and said–I’m a mom and seeing you here with barefeet and no jacket I can’t leave.” In a few more minutes there were two grandmas and another mom and we were all comforting her and one lady called the sheriff. She, J, was running away–trying to get to her 13 year old sister who was at school, We left her with the sheriffs who would take her home and make sure she was okay.
It was hard to turn away. I still wonder what else I could have done.

I am so glad that I stopped–I know there were 4 of us who did but what would have happened if none of  us had stopped? No money no shoes no mom no jacket–now at least the Sheriffs are looking out. My prayers will now include her.

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