day 6 take two

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Got to watch out for my little finger–it still thinks this is a typewriter sometimes!  Yesterday was all about my insides–still rested a lot–and saw the future of boredom! I watched cooking shows and now I want to make all these really yummy things–wonder if the kids will eat them. Maybe I will make it a rule–“whatever mom learns how to make during chemo recovery you have to eat!” I know they will try a bite but to really eat a meal. Okay so my mouth needs to be ready to eat like that too.
I am going back to some of my vitamins today—I wanted to be really sure what if anything was upsetting my stomach.
And I took the ativan last night—that was a good thing–I didn’t wake up for 6 hours and I had no nausea!
Wednesday mornings are when the girls and I go out for a muffin in town before we go to school. So that is the plan right now…Hope I can keep it. Probably wearing a mask. K will be mortified but that is that. If I go I wear one.
Thanksgiving dinner too—I need to dress to match my mask right? wish I had some red or black ones–I have green and blue—hmmmm! I can wear dressy jeans and a sweater>
What do you all think? Pull my hair back and wear lots of mascara like they do on all the hospital shows! Don’t need to worry about lipstick…
I still have my hair…all of it—
One friend told me his wife didn’t think she would lose it –it was hanging on well and sure enough by day 14 it was gone!
I think it will be a relief—in some ways–one less thing to worry about!

Excuse the really bad lighting–but as you can see I am still hanging in there–and it is no makeup and 6:13 am. Have a good day all!

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  1. Barb
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    Angelique, I'm so happy to see your smiling face! You look awesome and inspire each and every one of us every day! Stay strong, have a great holiday and know we're all with you every step of the way! love,love, love, barb xoxoxo

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