Day 9 begins “Are you willing to change for your own health?” #nosugar #health

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I am not doing the no sugar thing for weight loss. Though that is a good side effect! I had a friend who said, “If I thought it was about food(health) I don’t know what I would do.” She was dealing with a cancer diagnosis that eventually was the cause of her death. I honestly wanted to say, “That you can change. Maybe it buys you time or cures you.” I don’t know if it would have made a difference–what I know is I am not willing to take the gamble. Sugar is addicting and bad for you and legal. Yikes! But it does taste good! So it is time to retrain my taste buds. Had the most amazing strawberry this morning as my tastebuds are waking up in a new way.

I will also say that I loved sugar, sweets, chocolate chip cookies hot from the oven and brownies but at this point I have changed—writing that doesn’t make me want to get up and bake which is incredible. I made cheesecakes for money in my 20’s catering parties and two restaurants in LA.

I am also dealing with my own health and I know that changing the way you eat brings up all sorts of crap. Thoughts like–I’ve already had cancer do I have to give up dessert? I gave up breasts!
Do I have to take all these supplements? I already took chemo! But the answer for me is yes.

I want health–I want to feel good live my life and enjoy my family. It is as easy as that–I jumped in with both feet and did the double mastectomy and chemo, herceptin, tamoxifen so why shouldn’t I do what is everyday and certainly makes me feel better?

Two years ago I gave up dairy and gluten to heal my gut after chemo ravaged it. I felt better.
I started supplements and I no longer got sick as often but I didn’t take them consistently so I got consistent. I felt better and stopped getting every cold that walked into the house or passed me on the street. I love not catching colds!

The high blood sugar read from last fall didn’t change–so it was time I did–I always knew the time would come when I would give up sugar. I had flirted at the edge which is probably why my detox symptoms were so light. But now I have left it behind. I am eating only one serving of fruit(not suggested but for the first 3 months to see if we can really drop the numbers) no grains at all just meat and vegies and meat and vegies and a bit of fruit. I do not feel deprived.  I have also made myself non sweetened candy with 99% chocolate chia seeds pumpkin seeds and goji berries(so they have a bit of sugar but not so much) also goji berries aren’t so sweet so my tongue doesn’t miss the taste. They add some chewy texture and flavor.

This morning I made chocolate chia seed pudding with no sugar(other than natural unsweetened coconut milk)–might add some stevia or my serving of berries to it for fun tonight.

I am serious. The idea of things is changing for me. I am doing yoga 2-3 times a week in preparation for my yoga retreat. I’m working out at the gym weight lifting and cardio 3 days a week. I am clearing out my desk of all extraneous stuff. I am cooking more. I am starting to meditate again. And in two weeks I am off to Montana for a yoga and horseback riding and meditation retreat for survivors.

I am also continuing to separate myself from anything negative or stressful. I am removing anything that will keep me from peace and my family(with the exception of, of course, the retreat in MT!) I am working on my book. I am working for the family business which includes a great deal of time spent archiving materials. As a researcher by trade I love that!

Summer is arriving for the kids, though my oldest’s will be late this year due to the concussion and make up work. We have no set travel plans at the moment so it looks like a staycation until we head out to look at colleges.

 Waiting to make plans to see when she is ready to go and school is really out for the summer.
Join me on my quest for superior health. As Nalini Chilkov always says–“Try it for three months and see.” That is what I am doing.

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