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Doing well—REally a non- event in my life. Truly a new event but all in all quite pleasant. I have not outted myself on facebook and it is nice to visit there and just be me…not the chemo patient. I slept 8 hours straight then meditated in the dark. I feel a bit shakey but I think that is the steroids leaving my body.

Have a soccer game to go to this morning–K’s last one and then the kids go off with G’ma for the day. They will have fun and I will rest and maybe hit a wigstore. Just for the what if of it. I have this gorgeous wig waiting but when I decide to just run around maybe I will want something less high matinance than real hair. Don’t know they are all so shiny! The fake ones that is. As a curly haired person shiny is a weird concept.

I had my neulasta shot-this ups my white blood cells and will help to keep me healthy–so far so good. only a little bit of tightness in my gluteus maximus which might also be from sitting so much. I will try a walk today on the treadmill to get the rest of the chemo through me.

I will take photos and post them as I now know how to do that. That way you can travel along on my hair. The steroids give me a nice flush to my face..like this pale face of mine is wearing blush. Not so bad as it makes me look healthier as the day goes by.

I am just barely over half way with my rebuild of my chest. The final surgery for that will be post chemo by a month or two. I want to be really healthy and strong before I do it. And want it to not interfere with my b-day or S’s or spring break.

I hope you all know how thrilled and touched I am that you are reading this…I know there are many who are not official “friends” on the blog but are still reading it. It makes it easy to have one place to find out what is going on and one place for me to share.
Regardless of how I sound—telling the same story over and over is way too much so thanks for coming here and reading it. I know you are out there.

Chuck–thanks for the Marines they are on the job and making it easy for me. They are being really quiet and going about their business. I hope you are proud as they are the ones you led and inspire to this day/

Love you all

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