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So I thought I would write more about this idea of not shopping the fall season. It seems I have a friend who is joining me in this effort–though she says she was inspired by a woman who did it for a year! I’m shooting for three months!

Honestly there are many yummy sweaters Out there that I really like the looks of. I am not immune to their powerful pull. Even this morning the fog had rolled in at night and out the kitchen window it was shadowing the trees and the mountain in the distance. But I know I have enough sweaters that remain in hiding several months of the year waiting on the cold mornings in my little microclimate.

This post on one of the fashion blogs I follow nearly killed me. Especially the grey sweater with the leather leggings –(whimper heard around the world). click here To see the blog it is called “Could I have that?” I mean really! Could I?

wish I knew what sweater this was and from where. Knowing how to knit is not the same as being able to finish something like this. 

Typical weekday–three days a week I am in my workout gear when I get up and after the oldest is off to school and the youngest is awake and working I am out the door to the gym where for an hour I give up my mind and just do what Greg tells me to do. Some may think this is an indulgence but for me it is the one thing I know works in my favor. Exercise, keeping me at my fighting weight and taking my vits all keep my immune system functioning and keep me free from you know what. I don’t buy coffee at Starbucks and rarely get my nails done so I think it is a good trade.

What I wear around the house…jeans, mostly Ag jeans, a couple of pair from Mother though my tomboy from Ag gets the most wear. Velvet t-shirts, jcrew or banana button downs and when it gets colder–all those sweaters I really love. Boots, of course. Several brands I am loyal to –Old Gringo–not buying any new ones though, Born, Ugg and, unfortunately for my wallet, Rag & Bone. Luckily for the past few years I have been hyper vigilant and found things on sale. I have hard feet to fit so when I find what works I tend to buy.

I try not to sit at my desk for too long without being in real clothes. I keep remembering my dad telling me how he shaved everyday during his years in the army. For moral. And he never worked in sweats.

Right now we are having a heat wave so the clothes I took to Hawaii are having another go–I bought white billabong pants on sale for 20 bucks before our trip so I am in those now. After Labor day! I live in California and when it is 103 outside I get to wear white.

Last October was a huge deal for me–I posted everyday and almost everyday I was in the photo. yikes. That meant I had to do the whole makeup and hair thing every day! Not me–usually my hair, which is finally getting curly again, is a wash and go thing and makeup doesn’t make it to my face unless I am going to school meetings or any other kind of event. I am good about wearing sunscreen. There will be another 31 days of Breast health–you will have to stay turned to see what it is.

I plan on going through my closet and looking at every shirt–anything I haven’t worn in 6 months is off to resale and paring down the rest. Really want to simplify and resell what I don’t use.
 Maybe I will post some pics of my ability to put together outfits without  spending any money. Maybe not…Stay tuned. Join me if you dare!

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