Faith and Surgery A Blog Post

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A blog post for those facing Surgery and needing a little Faith

The day of my Mastectomy, Oct. 9, 2009–this is the prayer I found and the post I wrote.

Earnest Holmes founded Religious Science in the 20’s. My great grandmother was an early member who introduced the faith to her family. Faith has a place in my life though I haven’t spoken much about it. Yet. This is what was written in his book, 365, that morning when I needed it most.
“...and  God,our Father, which hath loved us…Comfort your hearts, and establish you in every good word and work.  II Thessalonians 2:16-17
If we assume an all-powerful or infinite presence and power back of , within, and all through everything–as we must–then we should realize that this power or presence, which is God, could not possibly operate against itself without destroying itself. This means that the power back of everything is good, or, as Jesus said “…none is good save one, that is, god.” We need not worry about this or wonder about it or ask questions about it. it is self evident that goodness alone can endure forever. Good is a synonym for God. Therefore, the final truth and absolute reality about all things is that God is good. God is Divine Presence right where we are, so good is right where we are and is ever available to us. But, we must recognize and claim this good if we are to use it.
I know that my good is of God and is at hand. i see this good in persons, places and things. Nothing but goodness can go from me and nothing but goodness can return to me. There is nothing unlike goodness in my experience. There is nothing but kindness , nothing but generosity.
My whole inner being recognizes this goodness everywhere and responds to it, and I am enveloped in it. I draw this goodness to me and become saturated with it. It flows out in every direction, blessing everything it touches, helping everyone, bringing wholeness and happiness to everyone.
In joy I awake to every new day. in joy I rest in the eternal goodness, and evermore there is a song in my heart as it overflows with this acknowledgement.”
It was an amazing prayer to have the morning of surgery. I saw my team with God in their hands and thoughts as it can be no other way. God works through all people for good–evil comes from the turning away from God by personal choice–we all have the choice to be good and allow god to work through us.

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