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So the year goes on–school is over for my oldest and ending for my youngest.  I got to take a trip to NYC with the younger one at Easter break and The oldest and I went last weekend for a few days. Trips with my kids are always fun and usually involve shopping and this past week was no different. We planned four shows and saw them all–I say this because for the very first time I went to Shakespeare in the Park. The Public Theatre puts on free Shakespeare every summer in Central Park. I have known about it forever and truthfully it was one of those things I always wanted to do–as in perform in it not just go to it. The plays are dependent upon the weather and they have only been rained out a few times. They don’t call the show til 8 pm so it could honestly be pouring at 7:50 and stop and they will do the show. For us it was pouring at 6 pm on our walk back from Bloomingdale’s and their huge sale. We went to the Delacourt Theatre at 7:30 and the show went on as by then the rain had stopped. It was a terrific production of Much Ado About Nothing which is a show I love and one I worked on in acting class many years ago.

We  went to dinner with my niece and her fellow down at a wonderful restaurant in the West Village called Commerce. It is a magical little place next to a theatre on a street that hasn’t changed in 200 years.  I love secret corners of the city where you can step back in time.  I visited one all the way up town with my mother –we went to see Washington’s headquarters during the Revolution and the house is lovely but out side of it there is a street that is restored to the time period of the house and houses on it. IT is like going back in time to the days of the Revolution. We saw three other shows, Of Mice and Men which was terrific but horrible in that I know the story so well that I don’t want it to end–I want them to just go one with nothing wrong happening and I want them to get their dream.

We also saw Cabaret. Now I have a personal connection with that show —Back in 87 when Joel Grey did a revival of his production I saw it three times–Philadelphia, then LA on opening night then NYC on opening night. I know the show. When Alan Cumming did it the first time I didn’t get to see it. I wanted to but my kids were little, actually I only had one kid so I was busy. It is fabulous–set in the old Studio 54 you have a real experience of being there in the Kit Kat Club. Michelle Williams was great-I liked her characterization of Sally and she does fall apart beautifully as the show goes on. The role of Cliff is much improved–always felt he was a bit bland but in this production he isn’t at all. And as for Mr Cumming—wow–all I can say really–I am so glad I got to see him do that role. He is creepy, bawdy, and talented Talented TALENTED. I love his work as an actor–he is so subtle and complete on The Good Wife but also I think he turns anything he does to gold. An honor to watch him perform.

We saw Aladdin–I had seen it with my youngest at Easter and it was terrific. Beautifully Cast and James Igleheart is a phenomenal performer. Stops the show in the first act. The music is great and the guy playing Aladdin is flawless. It is a show that reminds me of my childhood–Dad would have loved it and I grew up with the 1001 Arabian Nights multi volume set in the library. I think one of  first professional shows Dad saw was Thief of Bagdad and I remember him telling me about it.

Rainbow over the Delacourt Theatre, Central Park

Need less to say we walked everywhere, cabbed it when necessary and decided to share most dinners so we could eat without over indulging. Now it is back to reality so here is a glimpse of my lunch today. WIth a little help from the local organic market I had a selection of salads– fresh picked blueberries from my yard and some green juice–cucumber, mint and pineapple. Off to finish my daily vits which I am trying to finish everyday–I take 25-30–haven’t counted but I am determined to stay healthy and strong.

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    Some of my best trips were traveling to NYC with my daughter when she was between the ages of 14-21. We always made the theater rounds and I'm sure our many experiences contributed to her attending and graduating from USC as a theater major. Thanks for the memories! (love your blog and you are now one of my new "heroes") Your friend, Donna

  2. Angelique L'Amour
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    Thank you so much Donna! It was great to see you this past week!

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