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With all my free time I made from scratch chicken soup–and it was really good. That is a picture of it! And one morning the traffic getting back from drop off at my oldest’s high school was so bad I took a hike until it let up. Which was great to just get up and go.

This week is crazy and I have been thinking about posts and what I should write next. I have been working on my book writing bits and pieces. One I wrote just recently was about the Travel Gene.

My family, on all sides, is a family of movers. We have covered this continent and no one was content to sit still for too long. I grew up in Los Angeles, but every vacation was spent traveling where Dad needed to go for research or where he wanted to take us. It was terrific though there were times I dreamed about going somewhere “normal.” These were few and far between. He always made it interesting and exciting. I remember being woken up one morning when we were in Scotland. I was fourteen and reading “Fair Blows The Wind” for the first time. When I heard the knock on the door I asked, ” Who is it?”
 Dad answered, “Tatton Chantry.”
 Tatton is the lead character and the first line from the book is, “My name is Tatton Chantry and unless the gods are kinds to rogues I shall die within minutes.” Great first line and one of my favorite books. He brought the world alive to me everywhere we went. I learned much by his side and I still hear him in my head to this day. The internet is a wonderful place and I now have a way of hearing his voice or seeing him through youtube. It is wonderful. I miss him.
My friend Joy started a book club and the second book we are reading is Education of a Wandering Man. It will be interesting to discuss it. The group is a mix of home schooling moms, working moms and at home moms all of whom make education a priority for their children and for themselves.

They are coming to my house for lunch…Will make soup but this time it will be roasted butternut squash and a salad.
That doesn’t photograph as well I don’t think… We will see and then maybe so will you!

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