How to get back to writing if you are feeling trapped?

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feeling trapped?

I started a new story today. I feel trapped enough that working on my WIP is claustrophobic. I have great notes from fabulous editors for two different books in two different genres.

I just couldn’t get started back to writing.

My last meeting with my editor on my MG mystery was the week I was diagnosed with Covid 19. That was followed by 21 days of yuch! Fever, aches, pains, coughing, exhaustion, etc. Now I am feeling great but I just couldn’t get started.

So I began a new story, actually two new stories. Each of them has 2 pages to them at the moment, but enough that I have an inkling of an idea.

I also took a writing class online today, and now I am ready.

So I wrote 2 blog posts.

Of course! You didn’t think I was that capable of beginning anew right NOW did you? Just the act of writing is a win! Getting the muscles moving, so to speak.

That will come tomorrow or while dinner is cooking or while I am doing various things for the household. Full time wife and mom duties first.

But let’s get back to it because we need stories don’t we?

Feeling Trapped
This painting is one of my favorites. Always seemed to me to be one of my dad, too, all those characters buzzing around his head.
Buss, Robert William; Dickens’s Dream; Charles Dickens Museum, London;

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