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So there was the bank thing yesterday and the rosacea thing which started on Sunday. Am I being taught humility? Yes I enjoy looking the way I do—okay I enjoyed looking the way I did but the rash on my face is just plain mean. I can handle the bald head–kind of like it in face. I can handle the weird feelings in my chest and the odd lumpiness which is a work in progress I know. But the face..come on! That’s just mean.

Then there were the cupcakes. Normally I bake and frost with great speed. I have this mechanical pastry bag that allows me to frost 48 minis in the blink of an eye. But you need leverage. I have very little these days. I  had to put the frosting back in the mixer 3 times to make it soft enough for me to push through my pastry bag. That’s humility. Normally I would have just put my back into it so to speak. Now I realize how much I use my pecs to frost cupcakes!

Anyway off to put oatmeal on my face one more time before getting ready to go to  mom’s house. Then off we go to dinner with the family—many who haven’t seen me but have heard the news. I will hold my head high but will I wear a wig? I don’t know–really just want to wear a scarf and be done with it.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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