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Really settling in to my new life—I wrote a bit on my book today. It feels good but a bit too close for comfort on the subject matter. My lead character is dealing with a massive trauma. The five stages of grief and all that. Yikes! but she is 12 and so I can separate from how we are both doing with our experiences. She has her life and gets to be depressed and obnoxious and I have my life and won’t spend a minute in either of those states.
I get to teach this week too, I think. We are going to set it up with ichat through the computers so I can continue even without being physically in the room. Totally Cool! I am excited and as long as the internet is up and running we are good to go.
Now I have to come up with class work! And the principals will come in for a bit of it so it has to be good!

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