It’s a new day. It’s a new dawn. It’s a new life for me. And I’m feeling good. (Actually great)

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So it’s been awhile since I wrote last–been blasting away on a rewrite and trusting some brilliant, well read, good friends to read the few pages I have shared–they are encouraging. Makes me feel great!

A few months ago–6 or so I had a high ish sugar read–no AMA dr would worry too much but I watched it and the time has come to get rid of all sugar–all things that turn into sugar etc from my life for 3 months then test again. Geez after cancer the last thing I want is diabetes. So it is all reversible provided I do what is necessary. Cold turkey. Completely.

I have wanted to do this for some time but it was always a bugaboo to me. I would think about it and try and I did remove sugar to a great extent with no consistency. I would fall off the wagon at the drop of a hat or a stress.

Then I made the switch to 99% chocolate and 100% chocolate–I have to admit I have always liked dark chocolate anyway and I did it gradually –72%-85% and then went into my neighborhood amazing chocolate shop where they make their own and import from all over. Found 99 and 100 and now everything else tastes sweet–too sweet. One change made.

Then I needed to remove sweets, candy etc. And now I am removing it really. It means I cook more and order smart. I am watching sauces which have sweetener (honey in salad dressing etc) and one serving of fruit a day which I don’t suggest for anyone without a dr suggesting it.

I take 36 supplements a day plus a drink with all sorts of ingredients. Lousy timing to go off sugar–summer is coming with all the stone fruits I love so I will have to be picky –really picky.

It is a time of clearing house for me…the attic was an all day job–committing to yoga and my workouts and cardio another bit of clearing old habits.
Far to easy to be sedentary these days.

So day two led to a headache, but day three is starting well. Day three is ending on a good note–not hungry, not much crazy and not eating any sugar…I am retraining my sweet tooth. Wish me luck!

My gateway to the 99%—check out the link and know it is excellent!

This is from TCHO–

TCHO makes 99% for baking–this I will eat straight and it is also how I made my bark the other day to ensure I had something special…no added sugar or sweeteners–Link to TCHO below: Don’t get side tracked on their other products!

This is the one I really like and I can’t get it right now. I am hoping to buy some before summer otherwise I will be dreaming of it come fall/winter. They don’t ship when it is hot.  and it is

my favorite sugar free/ unsweetened chocolate–I buy it at a chocolate shop near me. But you can order through their website! Which I just did!

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