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For the first time in 14 years I am getting ready to go out  alone–going along I have done but free to do my makeup and hair without hurry is a vacation! Then I went all peaceful-like to lie down for a bit and before I did I changed my wallet to my “going out wallet”–skinny just the essentials. Well this was the wallet I took to my surgery and in the back of it was a card. A card which gives the ref and sn numbers of my implants. It stopped me cold–I had to write about it. I don’t know how I feel…okay I have some idea–grateful to my amazing dr and to the people who invented implants. weird that I have something in my body with numbers on it, and peaceful because the card means I am done and it is time to move ahead.

Tonight I go to my 30 class reunion. 30 years ago I was going to be an actress–did that–wanted to be married and have kids-did that. Wanted to affect change in the world—hmmm that is still to come, but I think I have started by helping people. I will reach out to help when I can and to change the world when I can. Tonight I will reach out and see what we all thought we would do.

Can’t wait!

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