Mercury’s Interesting Influence!

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Mercury’s interesting influence

This past week! UGH!

This past week or two, even before mercury began it’s slide across the sky, I have had to deal with miscommunication, lack of email, multiple hours on hold all to no avail until Kris at godaddy. He got the email up and running and finished the work on my website.

I have found more communications issues dealing with uber drivers missing turns or being directed to the back of my hotel instead of to the front.

Then Facebook and Instagram went down for 24 hours and the real reason for this post showed up.

Mercury in Retrograde

I need your email.

Ok, let me be more polite and less desperate, I would love to have your email.

Here is the thing.

I connect with many people around the world through twitter, facebook and instagram. These are third party sites with third party algorithms. I don’t want our connection to be ruled by others.

Mercury’s Interesting Influence!
No desert of communication please.

I am also a really polite, non – spammy newsletter person. Here are my three promises:

  1. I won’t spam
  2. I won’t sell my list
  3. I only send it once a month

After you sign up you will receive some initial emails with writing exercises. They come quickly and then it will be only once a month after those.

Not everything is on facebook, not all is on instagram or twitter…

My deepest thoughts are usually here, in my blog, where it all began in fall of 2009.

Here is the direct link. 

Have a wonderful week and if you sign up now you will get my April Newsletter in early April.

Mercury’s Interesting Influence!

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