My eyes are twitching

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So some of the things that happen are to be expected…but the eyelid twitching–that’s just weird. Today is a soccer day–going for the 2nd game –trying to do comments on the papers from my CW class at school and going to exercise a bit–today I feel so so so much better than yesterday it is amazing—For three nights I needed two nausea pills to get to morning but last night I slept from 7:30 until 5:15 with only one. Phew! I didn’t want to need more constantly. I want to use what is necessary. Now I am also eating better–so my weight has stabilized–thought it was going to just keep going up and if I gained 5 pounds every cycle I would have put on 30 by the end…NO WAY!!!!
Honestly I have never been neurotic about my weight but that would have been ridiculous! Now I can see what I can wear and manage to look decent and cool all the way through.
I have this bit of hair growing back though and I may cut it ….I think I like myself a bit cleaner cut than this fuzz that has reappeared…not sure though—

What do you all think? I haven’t been clean shaven yet.
We’ll see.

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